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Choosing Teeth-Friendly Treats for Your Pets

Many of our customers are surprised when we explain the importance of dental health for pets. They simply never realised it was an area that needed their attention! In addition to regular oral exams and teeth brushing, your pet will benefit from specific foods and treats designed to protect their dental health.

We’re exploring how you can make smart decisions when choosing teeth-friendly treats for your pets.

Your Veterinarian Is Your Number-One Resource

The market is awash with treats, chews and toys that claim to protect your pet’s teeth and gums. The easiest way to bypass products that don’t work as well as others is to speak with your veterinary professional in Kirrawee. Your regular vet knows your pet well and they can recommend treats and chews that will work for your dog or cat.

If your pet is showing signs of periodontal disease, gingivitis, or excessive plaque build-up, the first step to restoring their oral health is booking a professional clean. Professional dental treatment for pets involves a general anaesthetic and a comprehensive oral examination. This includes scaling, charting and polishing until your pet’s teeth are back in peak condition.

Find Dried Food and Treats that Support Oral Health

Hard food, kibble and treats with a dental tick of approval are great for protecting your dog or cat’s teeth, reducing plaque and bacteria, and stimulating the gums. Many brands design their dry food to include additives and nutrients that keep plaque soft, preventing the formation of tartar. You can usually buy teeth-friendly food and treats directly from your vet.

Chew Toys are Your Pet’s Best Friend

Chew toys are amazing in slowing dental disease for both cats and dogs. Separate the good from the bad by looking for bendable toys that are large enough to prevent choking. Rubber Kongs, bendable bones and soft balls are fantastic, especially if you can hide treats inside and keep your pet busy all day!

Pet Toys and Treats to Avoid

There are many toys and treats that can be detrimental to your pet’s teeth. Avoid hard chews, including hooves, nylon bones and rawhide. These can fracture and break your best’s teeth, leading to even worse dental problems. It can be a good idea to avoid animal bones as a whole, raw or cooked, because some may splinter and others may be too hard.                                    

Surprisingly, recent research has shown that fuzzy tennis balls can be detrimental for your pet’s teeth if they are constantly being chewed. This is because the fuzz wears down teeth, and the abrasive surface is made even worse when dirt and sand become trapped.

Find a Vet Who Cares About Your Pet’s Health

Your local vet is your best resource for finding treats, toys and food that protect your pet’s oral health. Visit the experienced team at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital for more information. You can call us on (02) 9521 6422 or contact us online.


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