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Veterinary Consultations
Organise a general health check-up or book a consultation today to protect your pet against illness, injury and disease.

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At Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital, we’re committed to keeping our consultation prices as low as possible while maintaining the highest standard of care. The overall cost of treatment will vary depending on your pet’s individual needs and condition. When you book a consultation, our experienced professionals will explain the prices, details and timeframes for each treatment. We also offer “OpenPay” and “Vetpay” as a way of helping clients pay for expensive treatments.

Surgical Consultation Information

If your pet needs surgery, you may be worried about the cost and recovery times. Our veterinary professionals will outline the exact procedure and price for your specific case during your consultation. As a rough guide, we expect surgeries such as cruciate ligament dog surgery to cost between three to four thousand dollars. However, much of this may be covered by your pet insurance.

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Dog Behaviour Training Consultation

Here at Kirrawee Vet Hospital we believe that dog training will have benefits to both owners and their four legged companion. Your dog may benefit from different classes, as a puppy (eight to fourteen weeks) we recommend Puppy Preschool, if they are a bit older (from fourteen weeks onwards) we recommend Puppy Primary. 

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X-Ray and MRI Facilities

We offer a range of diagnostic services in Kirrawee. The average cost of an x-ray for dogs is between $250 and $550, depending on which area of the body is being examined, the size of the dog and whether any anaesthetic is required. If your pet needs an x-ray, our veterinary professionals will explain what you should expect.

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Understanding Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an unavoidable part of owning a pet. In order to protect your animal against dangerous diseases, we recommend creating and sticking to a vaccination program with Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital. Bring your puppy or kitten in for a consultation to plan their vaccinations and understand the overall costs involved. 

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Pet Dental Services Consultation

Dental problems in animals can lead to a large number of additional risks and expenses. Feline & canine dental surgery fluctuates in price depending on how involved the procedure is. When it comes to our pet dental services, we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, and during a check-up or consultation, your vet will explain the costs of your pet’s treatment.

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The veterinarians at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital will help you understand what your pet needs to live a happy and healthy life. Organise a general health check-up or book a consultation today to protect your pet against illness, injury and disease. Contact Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital by calling 9521 6422 or sending us a message online .

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