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Veterinary Services
The hospital has the latest in digital radiology, digital ultrasonography and blood pathology analysers that enable us to get quick and accurate diagnostic results in minutes.

Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics at Kirrawee Vet Hospital

Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital has been caring for animals since 1976. Our team prides themselves on delivering the highest standard of veterinary medicine and surgical procedures to each one of our patients. Our clinic was specifically designed by an architect to serve as a state-of-the-art vet clinic to our local area.

We understand the concern felt by pet owners to find the best services for their beloved animals which is why we listen to your needs and offer leading technology and techniques to determine the correct treatment for your pet. If you’re looking for an if you are looking for a range of high level services then please don’t hesitate to call us.



Animal Rhinoscopy

Rhinoscopy allows the examination of the internal parts of your pet’s nasal cavity. This enables the vet to detect areas of infection, foreign bodies and abnormal growths and obtain biopsies of abnormal tissue.


Veterinary Cardiology

Electrocardiology and echocardiology are just two of the services available at Kirrawee veterinary hospital that allow our clinicians to examine your pet’s heart in accurate detail.


Dental Radiology and Surgery

We use state-of-the-art radiology technology to assess your pet’s oral health. We perform regular teeth cleaning and canine & feline dental surgery in our clinic. Learn more about your pet’s dental needs with our team of veterinarians.

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Video Endoscopy

Modern video endoscopy allows direct visual examination and sampling of your pet’s gastrointestinal tract and airways. The video camera can examine your pet’s stomach and travel down and check its windpipe.


Digital Radiography

Our facilities are equipped with leading dog x-ray Ear to assess and diagnose hidden problems with your pet’s health. We can now see more on an x-ray than ever before, preventing dangerous and expensive issues in the future.

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Diagnostic Laboratory

The latest haematology, biochemical and electrolyte laboratory testing equipment as well as microscopic and cytological analysis, parasite detection and identification is available on site for immediate results. This allows your pet to receive a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Veterinary Ultrasound

Colour digital, Doppler ultrasonography operated by qualified ultrasonographers allows a detailed examination of internal organs and the detection of abnormal tissue. Digital ultrasound is vital for the examination of a patient with an internal soft tissue lesion.

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