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Veterinary Services
The hospital has the latest in digital radiology, digital ultrasonography and blood pathology analysers that enable us to get quick and accurate diagnostic results in minutes.

Digital Radiography

Our facilities are equipped with leading dog x-ray Ear to assess and diagnose hidden problems with your pet’s health. We can now see more on an x-ray than ever before, preventing dangerous and expensive issues in the future.

Digital Radiology for Pets

Medical treatment for pets has evolved drastically in recent years. Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital uses state-of-the-art digital imaging and scanning technology to diagnose and treat illnesses in cats and dogs, making it easier than ever to fight diseases and injuries.

Why Is Digital Radiology So Important?

Although your pet may seem healthy and happy, they may be suffering from underlying, time-sensitive issues that can only be discovered using radiology scans. Our technicians use the latest technology, allowing us to see more on an x-ray than ever before. We use radiography to look deeper into your pet’s health and find problems before they become dangerous and costly.

X-Rays for Ligament and Joint Issues

When it comes to assessing issues with cruciate ligaments and joints, our veterinarians will conduct a thorough physical examination of your pet to determine if they need an x-ray. These tools are important when searching for hidden bone problems in pets that can cause discomfort and pain. As pets age, it is natural for their hips and joints to wear down, so it’s important to assess them regularly.

Assessing Complications in Your Pet’s Chest

If you have noticed your dog breathing heavy, they may be suffering from a hidden issue within their chest. We use radiology equipment to scan the area and establish whether their unusual behaviour is a sign of a deeper problem, such as respiratory illness or disease.

Discovering Cancer Cells Early On

In a pet scan, cancer is a common fear for most owners. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for salvaging your pet’s health and extending their lifespan. We use our ultrasound machine to find serious illnesses as soon as they arise.

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