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Veterinary Services
The hospital has the latest in digital radiology, digital ultrasonography and blood pathology analysers that enable us to get quick and accurate diagnostic results in minutes.

Dental Radiology and Surgery

We use state-of-the-art radiology technology to assess your pet’s oral health. We perform regular teeth cleaning and canine & feline dental surgery in our clinic. Learn more about your pet’s dental needs with our team of veterinarians.

Dental Radiology in Kirrawee

When you bring your pet to us for a dental procedure, we rely on taking accurate assessments of your pet’s teeth using a state-of-the-art dental x-ray. Two-thirds of the length of your pet’s teeth is hidden beneath the gum line, making it extremely difficult to establish whether there are any tooth fractures, damage to the soft tissue, or bone disease.

Dental x-rays help our team with prognosis and allow us to create a clear treatment plan for the patients and their owners. At Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital, we offer dental radiology on-site for your pets, meaning we can immediately understand the issues they are facing.

Common Dental Problems in Pets

Many owners complain about their pet’s bad breath and, although this may be harmless, it is often a sign of underlying dental disease. Periodontal disease is extremely common in dogs and it must be rectified quickly to prevent further illness. Our team can also teach you how to clean dogs’ teeth so you can improve their oral hygiene at home.

Plaque and Tartar Build-Up

Plaque is a soft film of bacteria and debris that accumulates on the surface of your dog’s teeth. Brushing your pet’s teeth will help to remove this bacteria and prevent it from hardening and becoming tartar. Tartar is firmly attached to the teeth and it is much harder to remove without professional dog teeth cleaning.

Gingivitis in Dogs and Cats

Eventually, untreated tartar will start to dig below the gum tissue, causing irritation and inflammation. The result is gingivitis when the bacteria travel far below the gum line and becomes an infection. Gingivitis can be treated with the latest dental equipment at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital.

Periodontitis in Dogs and Cats

Plaque bacteria secrete toxic substances that further damage the tissues in the gum, stimulating your pet’s immune system to fight the infection. Periodontitis can be dangerous to your cat or dog’s general health as it rots the root of the tooth and spreads to the blood supply.

Organ Damage from Untreated Periodontitis

In addition to damaging the mouth, periodontal disease can cause organ damage throughout your pet’s body. Severe periodontitis can lead to damage in the kidneys, heart and liver. This is why it’s extremely important to have your pet’s health assessed with dental radiology services at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital.


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