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Our hospital provides an exceptionally high standard of medical and diagnostic practice. In addition to general medicine, we also offer services such as intensive and emergency care, chemotherapy, exotic pet medicine, wildlife medicine and even acupuncture.

Pet Vaccination In Kirrawee

Australia has strict quarantine, and many diseases which are prevalent in pets abroad are absent from our country. However, there are still many infectious diseases that can harm your animal. Some are quite common while others are rare. Either way, if your pet has had the proper vaccines, you can rest assured that you've done everything you can to keep them safe.

Vaccination is an important step for keeping your pet happy, healthy and safe from disease. At Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital, we can provide a series of important vaccinations for your dog or cat.

There are two types of vaccines for pets. They are:

  • Core vaccinations – these are recommended for all cats and dogs because the disease they protect against are severe and/or common in Australia
  • Non-core vaccinations – these are only recommended for cats and dogs who live in situations that put them at risk of the disease in question


Cat Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a crucial part of keeping your cat healthy, especially when they are still a kitten. This medication stimulates an immune response that protects them against certain diseases.

Common Cat Diseases

At Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital, we vaccinate your cat against:

  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus – these are the two viruses commonly responsible for upper respiratory infections
  • Feline Panleukopenia – a parvovirus that can be fatal for infected cats
  • Feline Leukaemia – a disease that impairs your cat’s immune system and can cause cancer
  • Feline Chlamydiosis – a bacteria-based respiratory infection that is caused by chlamydia
Types of Cat Vaccinations

There is a common combination vaccine known as FVRCP which works to protect your cat against rhinotraceitis, calcivirus and panleukopenia. The vaccination for feline leukaemia is used as a preventative tactic for cats who spend time outside, because this disease cannot be cured once contracted.

Your veterinary team will help you understand what your cat needs at certain intervals in their life. The first vaccinations begin when your cat is a kitten and there are ongoing booster shots throughout their life.

Dog Vaccinations

Vaccines are a proven and effective way to keep your dog healthy and protect them against highly contagious and potentially fatal diseases. Your dog’s vaccinations should begin when they are a puppy and booster shots will be administered every year along with a health check-up by your veterinarian.

Common Dog Diseases

For dogs we vaccinate against: 

  • Canine distemper – this disease attacks your dog’s nervous system and can lead to paralysis and fatality
  • Infectious canine hepatitis – this disease affects the liver, eyes and kidney and it can be extremely dangerous
  • Canine parvovirus – a common viral illness that causes severe vomiting and can be fatal
  • Kennel cough – this virus causes chronic coughing and is highly contagious
Types of Dog Vaccinations

At Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital, we can protect your dog with a:

  • C3 Vaccine – to prevent parvovirus, hepatitis and distemper, your dog should receive this vaccine between six and eight weeks of age
  • C5 Vaccine – the C5 vaccine is the same as C3 but it also contains 2 additional vaccinations to protect against kennel cough

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