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Pet Care Tips
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Girl hugging and resting with her dog, a red Shiba Inu, at a forest campsite in Kirrawee

How to Prepare for Camping with Your Dog

Taking your dog camping for the first time can be daunting. You don’t want him or her to get lost, you don’t know where to go and what if it all goes wrong? But compiling a camping with a dog checklist can be the key to an amazing bonding experience and the beginning of a beautiful joint adventure! Kirrawee Vet Hospital is here to help with some tips for camping with dogs in Australia, because this country is the perfect place for camping with your pooch! We know they will love the experience; they will love you for it and you’ll be inspired to take your BFF all over the country. Simply find a dog-friendly campground, check the area for safety and make sure you pack all the essentials.

Find a Dog-Friendly Campground

The first important tip for camping with dogs in Australia is to find yourself and your pooch a dog-friendly campground. Australians love to camp, and we love our pooches by our side, so it’s great to know that there are lots of options when it comes to dog-friendly campgrounds. Camping in the car with a dog is a popular option, but we recommend this only if you have the space and the weather permits a happy-go-lucky time. Always check the forecast and, in the hot Aussie summer months, always ensure your dog is well hydrated and rarely left alone (and never left alone in the car)! Camping with small dogs is just as popular as camping with big dogs, but smaller dogs are usually more used to being inside, so it’s best to ensure you have the proper equipment as well as the time and energy for the attention your dog may require in a new place.

Check the Area to Ensure Safety

When planning for how to keep your dog safe while camping, the key is to make sure you know the layout of the campground you have chosen and where everything is. Check the safety of the campground and know where all the exits are. Also, take note of the likelihood of snakes and spiders in the area and, depending on your pooch’s natural confidence in the wilderness, keep a close eye on where the good boy goes off exploring! If you are camping anywhere on the Eastern Coast of Australia, make sure to have your dog on tick prevention to avoid the paralysis tick which can cause sometimes life-threatening paralysis of the body.  If you know the campground, you will have more confidence when camping with an anxious dog.

What to Pack

When it comes to what to pack during your camping trip with your pooch, a puppy first aid kit is essential. Make sure your pup is up to date on all of their vaccinations and you have any medication and parasitic preventatives they may require. Ensure your pet first-aid knowledge is up to date too and always opt for a leash-harness combo for comfortable and easy walking or hiking. Always bring more water and food than you think you need and make sure they have a portable drinking water bowl!

Can You Take Dogs Camping?

So, can you take dogs camping? The answer is a resounding yes! For more information or any health concerns you may have for your pup, simply contact the friendly locals at Kirrawee Vet Hospital.

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