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 3 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Senior Dog

New dog owners always have a list of questions to ask the vet about your puppy. When it comes to questions to ask your vet about your senior dog, the team at Kirrawee Vet Hospital are your local dog-care experts. As a family-owned practice, we all grew up loving dogs of any and all ages and breeds and we want nothing more than to help you and your dog live a long and happy life together. We are happy to help with questions like ‘is my dog a healthy weight?’, ‘do my dog’s hips look okay?’ and ‘what are the common health concerns of my dog’s breed’? When it comes to what to expect from a senior dog, there is more to your pooch than a more relaxed demeanour. Older dogs do face a higher risk of disease and more complicated health issues, so make sure you find a local, reliable veterinary practice and always feel free to ask your vet any questions.

Is my Dog a Healthy Weight?

This question is important at any age, because a healthy weight is important for a healthy body, whether your pooch is a puppy or a senior. Weight loss or weight gain can be a symptom of age-related diseases like Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, bladder stones, congestive heart failure and even diabetes. Even if your dog’s weight change isn’t related to a disease, a healthy weight can still affect cardiovascular, bone and joint health, so it’s especially important to watch your dog’s weight if he or she is entering into senior territory.

Do my Dog's Hips Look Okay?

Your dog may be covering his or her hip dysplasia and arthritis symptoms, making diagnosis very tough. This is because your pooch has actually evolved to hide their pain! When it comes to what to expect from a senior dog, asking your vet about your pooch’s hips and knees is imperative in closely monitoring the signs of potential trouble. Checking your dog’s urine, teeth and ears on a regular basis is also heavily recommended.

What are Common Health Concerns of my Breed?

Asking your vet about common health concerns of your specific dog breed is important, especially in some breeds and especially for senior dogs. Some breeds of dog are more susceptible to problems with breathing, bones problems and digestion, so it is always important to check with your vet. Doing ample research on your dog breeds is vital before buying, adopting or rescuing a dog no matter their age, and a reliable vet is a great way to back up the information you already found during your research.

Choose Reliable Help

So, when it comes to questions to ask the vet about your puppy to questions to ask your vet about your senior dog, Kirrawee Vet Hospital is your local expert! Feel free to call us or email us today and we will be happy to help you and your pooch keep happy and healthy.

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