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 how to potty train puppies

How to Potty Train Puppies

If you have a new puppy in your home (yay!) and are wondering how to potty train a puppy in the house, the experts at family-owned Veterinary Clinic Kirrawee Vet Hospital are here to help you. Potty training a 12 week old puppy can be a challenge, but we have some vital tips and tricks that if followed will make your life – and, importantly, your pooch’s life - that much easier. Make sure you are controlling your puppy’s diet and food intake, always keep a consistent schedule, provide your pooch with regular exercise and outside time and, of course, remember to positively reinforce the little angel.

Controlling Your Dog’s Diet

Controlling your dog’s diet is key to potty training. If you’re looking for tips on potty training an 8 week old puppy, or younger if you’re lucky enough to foster, diet is key! Always feeding your pup on time, at the same time and making sure their food is packed full of all the nutrition they need, will vastly improve their bowel movements. Their body will learn what to expect and how to process the food and your lucky pooch will develop a healthy working system.

Keep a Consistent Schedule

Keeping a consistent schedule, with eating, exercise and potty training is essential. If you’re scouring the internet for how to train a puppy to go outside or how to train a puppy with a crate, consistency is always key! No matter what method, times or schedule you choose, make sure you stay on track so that your new pup can start to learn when to expect toilet time. They will learn through practice and if your behaviour is inconsistent, so will your pooch’s.

Provide Your Pooch with Regular Exercise

Providing your pooch with regular exercise is also vital when it comes to a consistent schedule for your pup. Whether you’re wondering how to train a puppy on pads or whether you’re going for the outside-only route, regular outside walks and play times will let your pooch know when to expect exercise. With time, practice and trust, your puppy will learn that walkies means toilet time!

Positive Reinforcement, Always

It is always important to remember that positive reinforcement always works better than negative reinforcement. Giving your puppy praise, pats and paw-licious treats will let them know they are doing a good job in potty training, and they will keep that train going just to impress you. What a good booooy!

Printable Puppy Potty Training Schedule

How to train a puppy on pads? How to toilet train a puppy in 7 days? If these are your most-googled questions, feel free to contact Kirrawee Vet Hospital and we can provide you with a printable puppy potty training schedule!

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