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Pet Care Tips
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How to Keep Your Dog Mentally Active

As we all know, dogs are intelligent creatures. In the same way that we exercise their bodies, it's important to exercise their minds and keep them mentally sharp. The professional dog-lovers here at Kirrawee Vet Hospital are here to provide you with tips and tricks to prevent your dog from getting bored. Give your dog a job, play interactive games, teach them tricks and research DIY dog mental stimulation and puppy mental stimulation exercises to keep them entertained and keep their brains working!

Give Your Dog a Job

When looking at how to mentally stimulate your dog while at work or while at home, giving your dog a job to do is a great idea. Some popular jobs you can give your dog include things like treat-dispensing toys, puzzle toys, find-it games, trick training or snuffle mats. Depending on the size and breed of your dog and the location of your home, your dog may enjoy chasing and playing with other animals outside or performing little tasks for you too!

Play Interactive Games

Puppy mental stimulation exercises like interactive games are very important when it comes to developing your pup’s brain. You want your dog to be mentally stimulated as well as physically stimulated and playing interactive games with your dog is an important part of bonding with your pooch. You can also encourage friends, family, kids or partners to play these games with your dog too, so that the dog gets used to playing with more people and work on their socialisation skills as well as mental stimulation. Interactive games can include things like chase the prey, tug and pull toys, hide and seek, hide the treat, fetch and agility training.

Teach and Practice Tricks

Mental stimulation vs physical for dogs is just as important. Teaching your dog tricks and practising these tricks is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog as well as work on your bond. Teaching your dog fun tricks like sit, roll over, shake and all the other classics, are not only great ways to train your dog and impress others (what a good boy!) but your dog will be proud of themselves too and these tricks work on their mental stimulation.

Go on Walks, Holidays and Camping Trips

Are car rides mental stimulation for dogs? The answer is yes, but getting out of the car is always more fun! Take your dog to the beach, on a camping trip, for a forest walk or on holiday. Your dog will be mentally stimulated by all the new scents and scenery, while being around different kinds of people will boost your dog’s socialisation and comfort around others as well.

Ensure a Healthy Routine

It’s important for a dog to get mental stimulation and physical stimulation. Ensure a healthy routine and trust a reliable, local vet clinic with all your regular check-ups too. 

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