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5 Things You Need Before Bringing a Kitten Home

Getting a kitten home for the first time is overwhelming for new cat owners. First, there's an overwhelming joy you're feeling about your new family member. You may also have questions about how to prepare your car, your home and your family for the new arrival.

Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital has you covered with a comprehensive list of new kitten tips. We'll fill you in on what to know about kittens, like getting your kitten home safely, making sure you have the proper setup and information about kittens for kids.

Getting A Kitten Home Safely

A quality carrier will make your kitten's journey home much more comfortable. To make your kitten's carrier cosy, you should:

  • Place a towel at the bottom of the carrier so your kitten has a soft place to lay and doesn't slide around.
  • Make sure the carrier has proper ventilation.
  • Regulate the amount of light that gets into the carrier as cats prefer a dark, safe space to hide their heads. 

Helping your kitten create a positive association with its carrier will make all of your future trips to the vet or anywhere else a breeze.

Finding a Scratching Post

Cats have a natural urge to scratch to clean their claws and mark their territory with scent glands in their paws. A scratching post gives them an acceptable place to scratch, so they don't ruin your carpet or furniture. You can find a scratching post at any pet supply store.

Litter Training

Learning how to use the litter box is an important part of your kitten's development. Kittens need an open-top shallow litter box that is easy for them to access. Placing the litter box in a corner will make your kitten feel more comfortable using it.

Kittens learn best through positive reinforcement. Make sure to praise them for using the litter box correctly rather than punish them for their mistakes.

Cats prefer a clean litter box. You should clean it at least once a day, if not more. Cleaning the litter box is also a great way to introduce kids to the responsibilities of having a pet.

Food and Water Containers

Having food and water bowls readily available for your kitten will make them feel safe and comfortable in their new home. Make sure your kitten knows where these bowls are located and don't put them right next to the litter box either - cats are sanitary creatures.

Some cat owners prefer to free-feed their pets, while others have dedicated meal times. Regardless of what you decide, make sure you buy food specially formulated for kittens.

Find a Trusted Local Vet

Finally, you should find your kitten a trusted local vet like Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital. After your kitten gets adjusted to its new home, you should make a vet appointment for a general check-up and vaccinations. Having a vet is important if your kitten ever needs emergency care.

Kirrawee Vet Hospital wishes you the best for your paw-parenthood experience! Our Kirrawee vet office helps pets in the local areas of Sylvania, Sutherland and Miranda. Make an appointment by calling us on 02 9521 6422 or sending us a message online. 


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