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Things to Know About Dog and Cat Arthritis

Both dogs and cats can develop arthritis and it’s important to understand the possible signs of arthritis in dogs and cats, especially if your pet is growing older. The local experts at Kirrawee Vet Hospital are always here to help, so if you have noticed some concerns in your dog’s or cat’s health, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help! Read below for why a pet may develop arthritis, how to help to manage their pain and some things that pet owners should know when it comes to arthritis in dogs and cats.

Why a Pet May Develop Arthritis

When it comes to what causes arthritis in dogs and cats, the answers are simple. It may be from common wear and tear, like ageing or particularly active breeds, or it may be the result of a past injury. Signs of arthritis in dogs are a reluctance to move, limping or lameness in the legs and joints, yelping when touched, irritability, changing behaviour, constant tiredness and muscle atrophy. If you notice any of these signs in your dog or your cat, call your local vet clinic and book a check-up.

How to Help Manage Arthritis Pain

When it comes to how to help a dog with arthritis at home, a few things you can do are to help them maintain a healthy weight, ensure proper nutrition, get active, make your home pet-friendly, practice physical therapy and consider acupuncture for dogs. Yes, that is actually a thing! These are all applicable for cats as well. The best arthritis treatment for dogs in Australia is natural arthritis supplements and veterinary care.

What Pet Owners Should Know

For professionally administered joint health supplements, help with mobility aids or steps for getting into the car or onto furniture with a dog or cat with arthritis, your local vet is the go-to. Always seek professional advice and never resort solely to Googling things like ‘how long can a dog live with arthritis?. Pets age just as you do, and together you can both work with it to minimise their pain and maximise their comfort, health and happiness!

Find a Reliable Vet Clinic

For all cat and dog arthritis treatment in Australia, call, visit or email Kirrawee Vet Hospital today. We offer acupuncture services as well. 

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