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Veterinary Services
Kirrawee Veterinary hospital is a great landmark on the Princes highway in the Sutherland shire. We have taken great care to bring our clients the latest state of the art services and facilities. Having an architecturally designed hospital allows us to provide to your pet the best possible care.

Puppy Classes

Regular puppy classes are held at Kirrawee veterinary hospital. These classes allow puppies to socialise with other people, children and other puppies in a fun, safe environment.

The first four months of a dog’s life is a critical development phase, and is the most important time for socialisation. It’s also when behaviours – both good and bad – become established. Set your newest family member off on the right paw with puppy classes at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital.

If you’re a new pet parent, it can be enjoyable and rewarding at times. However, training a new puppy may seem like a daunting task. For one, you may start to notice particular natural habits that are a little off-putting (such as jumping or excessive barking). While it might seem cute now, these behaviours may not be when they are older and much bigger. With the right training, your puppy’s bad habits can be redirected and replaced with more appropriate behaviour.

When should I enrol my puppy or dog in Puppy School?

It is recommended that your puppy begins training between the ages of 8-14 weeks, provided they have met their minimum vaccination requirements.

At Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital, we take great pride in ensuring all Puppy School students are taught in a safe and healthy environment. For this reason, your puppy or dog will need to be:

  • In good health overall
  • Currently flea and worm treated
  • Friendly towards people and other dogs
  • Have minimum C5 Vaccination (for puppy primary)
  • Have minimum C3 Vaccination 10 days prior to first class (for Puppy Preschool)

What happens at puppy school?

Regular puppy classes are held at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital. These classes allow puppies to socialise with other people, children and other puppies in a fun, safe environment. Our expert trainers have years of experience in training dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

No matter what life stage your furry friend is at, our puppy school is designed to teach your canine:

  • Basic obedience skills and commands, such as sit, stay and to come when called
  • How to build confidence
  • Socialising with other dogs
  • How to get used to being examined by vets and groomers

For you, our puppy training classes will teach you now to decipher canine communication as well as how to troubleshoot undesirable behaviour in your dog. Our classes are interactive, fun and designed to be stimulating for both you and your pup.

Register your interest in puppy training

If you would like to claim a spot in our next puppy school class, please send us a message online and we will respond as soon as possible.


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