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We serve the needs of our clients and their pets with our team of experienced veterinarians and nurses who aim to keep your pet healthy and you smiling.
Hayley Minati
Veterinary Nurse

Hayley has been a veterinary nurse for 8 years. She has qualified as a Cert IV Vet nurse and has done extra study and training in dog behaviour and dog training. She is also currently studying for a veterinary Nursing Diploma and is absolutely loving it. Hayley has been with the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital for over 2 years and is currently our head nurse and nurse manager. Her favourite parts as a nurse are dental care for pets, as well as assisting in surgery, patient care and treatment. Hayley is obsessed with French Bulldogs and anything with a squished face! She has two cats, 4 year old Tilly (tortoiseshell) and 6 year old Peanut (an uncommon ginger female) who she loves and also a male Eclectus parrot named Chuck (her surname is Norris, that's how he got his name).

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