Colour Doppler and digital ultrasound

Colour digital, Doppler ultrasonography operated by qualified ultrasonographers allows a detailed examination of internal organs and the detection of abnormal tissue. Digital ultrasound is vital for the examination of a patient with an internal soft tissue lesion. Colour Doppler allows the ultrasonographer to examine an organ or lesion and observe if its blood supply is abnormal.


Rhinoscopy allows the examination of the internal parts of your petís nasal cavity. This enables the vet to detect areas of infection, foreign bodies and abnormal growths and obtain biopsies of abnormal tissue.


Extensive in house diagnostic laboratory service.

The latest haematology, biochemical and electrolyte laboratory testing equipment as well as microscopic and cytological analysis, parasite detection and identification is available on site for immediate results. This allows your pet to receive a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment.



Electrocardiology and echocardiology are just two of the services available at Kirrawee veterinary hospital that allow our clinicians to examine your petís heart in accurate detail.


Digital dental radiology.

Dental radiology allows a veterinarian to examine the internal parts of teeth for lesions that require treatment but may not be visible to the naked eye.

Digital radiography.

The latest digital x-ray equipment is used at Kirrawee veterinary hospital to acquire the best possible diagnostic images. These digital xray images of your pet can be instantly sent to you by email or to a specialist for a second opinion

Video endoscopy

Modern video endoscopy allows direct visual examination and sampling of your petís gastrointestinal tract and airways. The video camera can examine your petís stomach and travel down and check its windpipe.