Welcome to your family pet hospital

Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1976 by a team of veterinary surgeons and physicians committed to excellence in pet care. Our goal is to deliver the highest standard of veterinary medicine and surgery  to our patients. We are sensitive to the care and concern that each owner has for his or her pet. We serve the needs of our clients and their pets with our team of experienced veterinarians and nurses who aim to keep your pet healthy and you smiling. Our hospital was designed as a veterinary surgery by an architect, has the latest state-of-the-art equipment, provides an emergency service, and is open every day of the year.

    Our veterinary and nursing staff are trained in the most current medical and surgical procedures, attend the latest veterinary seminars and conferences, communicate with veterinary specialists and meet regularly to discuss and implement new treatments, ideas, and procedures to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

The professional excellence of our veterinarians and nursing staff, combined with the newest medical and surgical equipment and advanced medical and surgical techniques, assures the best health care for your pet.

The hospital has received numerous awards for excellence including:

Nominated yearly since 1998 for the small business of the year in the pet care category.

Sutherland Shire small business award: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2016

Sutherland Shire business of the year award: 2012

ASAVA Hospital of excellence award 2000 to 2018



Dr Bill Ilkin
Bill graduated in 1970 and has been the director of the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital since its inception. His aim has been not only to make the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital one of the best in the country, providing the latest in veterinary pet care, but equally important to make it one of the happiest. The hospital has been awarded Sutherland Shire Small Business Award [Pet Care category] and was accredited as a Hospital of Excellence by the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association.  He is proud of his wonderful, hardworking and conscientious veterinary and nursing colleagues who put a smile on his face each day and who have made the hospital a great success and a pleasure to work in and grateful to his family for their love, support and understanding. Bill loves photography and brings his camera to work daily. Examples of his photography are on this website in the “Gallery” section.

Dr Seta Krikorian 
Seta graduated from Edinburgh University in 1996 and entered our hospital in 2005. Seta is a dedicated and experienced internal medicine clinician and surgeon and has a particular interest in chemotherapy and soft tissue surgery. She is a keen sportswoman loves diving, yacht racing and has represented Scotland and Sydney University in various sports. Seta brings with her a great sense of humour and always succeeds in putting a smile on our face. Seta has a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous Golden Retriever.

Dr Catherine Coyle
Another home grown product of the Sutherland Shire, Catherine Coyle started practicing medicine at Kirrawee Vets early on in her studies, completing her vet rotations at the clinic by starting out as an intern. Graduating in 2002 from Sydney University with flying colours, Catherine came 2nd in her Year and qualified with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science 1st Class Honours as well as publishing her Thesis titled ‘The use of Neurotropin 3 in the treatment of diabetic Neuropathy’. While she may still be waiting on her premiership, the Cronulla Shark supporter takes her football and pets very seriously naming her 2 cats after former players ‘Peachy’ and ‘Hutch’, and sitting back in her Loftus home watching the Sharks take on another team with her ‘Buddy Boozer’ Beagle by her side.

Catherine continued her studies, qualifying in veterinary Ultrasonography.

Dr Joanna Goldman
Randwick born Vet Joanna Goldman graduated from Sydney University in 2004, gaining herself a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with 1st class Honours! Growing up Joanna spent her weekends with her family on their farm playing with her pet calves and taking her thoroughbred chestnut horse ‘Ali’ out riding. At heart Joanna remains a true blue city girl, happily travelling to the shire for 5 years now to practice and care for our small Kirrawean pets. Throughout her career Joanna has continued her education taking up an interest in Oncology and furthering her studies in acupuncture! Joanna is our honorary Vegetarian of the practice and is seen regularly eating sushi and grooming her big fluffy cat ‘Summer’ and her devilish black cat ‘Indiana’. Recenlty Dr Joanna has obtained new qualifications and become a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in veterinary behaviour. If your pet is having any behaviour problems, phone Dr. Goldman.
Dr Simon Ilkin   
Simon is a Shire boy who graduated with first class honours from Sydney University. His honours dissertation entitled “In vitro solubilisation and mechanical kinetics of cooked versus uncooked bones to be fed to dogswas published in the Australian Veterinary Practitioners Journal. As you may have worked out, he is the son of Dr William Ilkin who founded the KVH in 1975. Since working at KVH, Simon has inherited a kitten named Benny who was brought in as a stray with massive internal injuries and broken bones as a consequence of being attacked by a dog. Simon has a particular interest in ultrasonography, internal medicine, clinical pathology and orthopaedic surgery.
Dr Catherine Moss 
Born and raised on the other side of the world, Cath completed a degree in Pharmacology at the University of Bristol in England. Soon after this Cath realised she was missing a few things in her life …. sunshine and a career with animals. She made the move to Australia in 2004 and completed a degree in Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney. Cath has never looked back since moving to sunny Australia and has since adopted two beautiful dogs, the loveable Lucas and the troublesome Ruby. Cath has enjoyed living in Australia so much that she became a citizen in 2012.In her spare time, Cath loves to scuba dive and has dived at various places in Australia and around the world. We love having Cath at the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital as her love for animals, her excellent surgical skills and her cheeky humour make Cath a pleasure to work with.
Dr Natalie De Souza
Dr Natalie De Souza joined our team after completing her internship at the Veterinary Specialist Services Hospital. Practicing a high standard of small animal medicine and surgery with an experienced team of veterinary colleagues and providing the best quality of care and service to patients and their owners is vitally important to Natalie. Her interests include small animal internal medicine, diagnostic imaging and ultrasonography. In her spare time Natalie enjoys creating artistic bandages that put a smile on everyone.
Dr Ingrid Walker
A few months after graduating from the University of Sydney, Ingrid commenced her own small animal veterinary hospital in northern Sydney.  She joined Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital in 2013 and is fascinated by the many facets of small animal medicine, particularly dermatology and dentistry.

Ingrid was a classically trained musician from her early school years and continued a semi-professional performance career for about twenty-five years, mostly as a wind player of Early Music.  Her appreciation of non-verbal communication, developed from music, spills over to her love of being with her veterinary patients.

In her sporting life, as well as being a cricket tragic, she has long enjoyed lap swimming, surfing in not-very-cold water and sailing (same water requirements!).

Home is shared with her two crazy doggies Zola and Banana and, until recently, her gorgeous daughter.

Dr Emilee Yuen
Dr Emilee Yuen was welcomed into Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital in the latter half of 2014. Before working at KVH, she worked for a number of years in a busy veterinary hospital in Sydney. After graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in both Biotechnology and Veterinary Science and working in a mixed equine and small animal practice, she moved south from sunny Queensland. Emilee enjoys all facets of veterinary practice and is particularly interested in small animal surgery and diagnostic radiography. She also has a particular soft spot for Border Collies, Kelpies and blue cats. Emilee has a beautiful smile, a pleasant attitude and while she takes the responsibility of caring for her furry patients very seriously, she never takes herself too seriously.

Outside of work, Emilee's appreciation for good food has her regularly trying out new restaurants, eateries and fresh food markets all over Sydney. In her spare time she is exceptionally talented in creating handmade accessories for pets and their humans. Her furry family includes a Border collie and her collection of 3 cats.

Dr Mary Hong
Dr Cathy Hudson
Dr Catherine Hudson joined the Kirrawee Veterinary team in 2015. Cathy comes to us with a passionate interest in all exotic companion mammals, reptiles and amphibians, as well as many years experience in the veterinary industry in small animal practice.
Cathy graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997. Her earlier career saw her practicing large and mixed animal practice, as well as having 4 years in the United Kingdom. During her time in the UK, she became very interested in the medicine and surgery of our smaller patients, and this interest continued upon her return to Australia. She has completed may further education studies including Veterinary Ophthalmology and her Membership exams for the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary scientists in Unusual (exotic) pet
medicine and surgery in 2013. Catherine is only one of a handful of veterinarians in NSW with further qualifications in exotic pet medicine and surgery. Catherine sees a range of pets, including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, lizards, snakes (non -venomous only), turtles, amphibians (frogs, axolotles), dogs and cats. Cathy enjoys running and spending time with her husband and young
family. She has a rabbit, some guinea pigs, a cat and a varying number of rehabilitating lizards and turtles.
Margueritte Ilkin
After completing her veterinary nurse training at Ultimo Tafe, Margueritte has helped to manage the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital since its inception in the early 70’s. You can recognise her over the phone by the happy tone of her voice. She has a memory for the names of clients and their pets, as well as dates, car license numbers and telephone numbers. She has a beautiful smile, is generous and always eager to please. Loves cats, puppies, ringtail possums and baby wombats.
Samantha Harris
Grew up in sunny Hawkes Bay ‘Wine Country’ in the North Island of New Zeland, and studied veterinary nursing at Ucol Palmerston North University. Sam nursed in New Zealand for 5 years before making a move with her partner and their Jack Russell ‘Rusty’ to the hot and humid beaches of the Sutherland Shire. After a year of working at KVH, Sam quickly rose to the position of Head Veterinary Nurse. Sam has been enjoying her time here in Australia, sight seeing with her new friends and colleges, taking Rusty for long runs on the beach and hopes to one day climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Chanel Ilkin  
Chanel Ilkin has been working at KVH for over five years.  After graduating with a Batchelor degree from the University of Western Sydney in 2008, Chanel commenced work at our hospital.  She started out as a kennel hand on weekends and has since become a full time staff member. You may have seen her smiling away at the front desk with Margueritte when you first entered the clinic. She has two dogs; a playful Labrador named Dexter and a little Shih tzu named Bobby who are the best of friends. Next year she is starting her veterinary nursing course and plans to continue to assist her twin brother Dr Simon Ilkin.
Hayley Lothian  
Born in South Africa, Hayley moved to Australia in 1998. She first lived in Perth then moved to Nowra on the South coast. Loving animals while growing up, Hayley decided to do the Animals Studies Certificate 2 at Nowra Tafe then continued her studies at Yallah Tafe where she completed her Veterinary Nursing Certificate 4 in 2009. After working as a nurse on the South Coast for 4 years, Hayley decided earlier this year to move with her husband and 2 cats, Chad and Roger, to the heart of the Shire. Hayley enjoys spending time with her friends and family, shopping and playing indoor soccer. Hayley’s smile and nursing skills make her a wonderful team member.
Sheridan Ka  
Sheridan has been vet nursing for over six years and has a strong interest in animal behaviour and training. She is currently studying for her Delta Accreditation and runs one-on-one dog training as well as puppy and dog transition classes. At home in her local Camden area she has two of the most “awesome” dogs ‘Jake’ and ‘Kira’, a cat who thinks he’s human named ‘Leo’ and two rescue pigeons with a heap of attitude called ‘Nicco’ and ‘Road Runner’. She enjoys spending time with her furry friends and always has a massive smile on her face.

Caitlyn Hackfath  
Caitlyn has moved from her traditional country lifestyle to a Shire lifestyle almost overnight. Coming all the way from Gulmarrad to be hired with us she has been a qualified vet nurse since 2011. She has a very active lifestyle and you may see her playing the occasional game of Netball on the weekend. She loves working in the veterinary industry as she enjoys looking after each animal by giving them lots of TLC. She is also a wonderful cook and the staff are often lucky enough to get cupcakes on a Monday morning to get them through a busy day.

Natasha Compton  
Natasha is one of the friendliest faces you will see when walking into the clinic. She has been working at KVH since August 2013 as a receptionist but is now working as a full time nurse. She has a bright and bubbly personality which makes her a pleasure to work with. She has a two year old Chihuahua named Daisy who is one of the most spoilt Chihuahuas around. She and her partner can often be found watching and supporting a Collingwoods game with Daisy and Riley a Kelpi Cross.

Hayley Norris  
Hayley has been a veterinary nurse for 8 years. She has qualified as a Cert IV Vet nurse and has done extra study and training in dog behaviour and dog training. She is also currently studying for a veterinary Nursing Diploma and is absolutely loving it. Hayley has been with the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital for over 2 years and is currently our head nurse and nurse manager. Her favourite parts as a nurse are dental care for pets, as well as assisting in surgery, patient care and treatment.

Hayley is obsessed with French Bulldogs and anything with a squished face! She has two cats, 4 year old Tilly (tortoiseshell) and 6 year old Peanut (an uncommon ginger female) who she loves and also a male Eclectus parrot named Chuck (her surname is Norris, that's how he got his name).

Jennifer Lane   
Jennifer came to us 3 years ago as work experience and has since become a member of our team. She loves taking care of our clients as well as their furry friends!!

She is currently studying her Veterinary Nursing certificate and is very much looking forward to graduating at the end of the year!

In her spare time Jennifer loves to go to the doggy beach with her family and 14 year old golden retriever. She also loves to carry around her lop-eared bunny like the perfect accessory.

Kate Bayliss
Kate started veterinary nursing in 2011, achieved her Certificate 4 in 2012 and joined the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital team in 2015. She is very involved in animal rescue and always hand raising baby animals, mostly baby kittens in the spring time. Kate has a deep interest in neonatal care, animal behaviour and emergency nursing. She is a true cat lover and is obsessed with anything cat related and is always fostering kittens. Kate and her Golden Retriever, Emily, love visiting dog parks and going to the beach together.
Stephanie Shoard
Stephanie was born and raised on the sunny beaches in Wollongong! 
After two years working with exotic animals, Stephanie joined the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital team where her experience with exotic animal nursing has been invaluable. Stephanie also has a keen interest and knowledge of animal behaviour and experience in emergency nursing and critical care.
She has two dogs, a Blue Cattle dog and a gorgeous little Dingo as well a very loud cockatiel!
After work she likes to relax with exotic food and live music.
Jessica Chamberlin
Jessica is an amazing member of the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital nursing team. She graduated in veterinary nursing in 2013. She has always been an animal enthusiast, especially when it comes to cute kittens.
Growing up and living in Helensburgh she is the proud mum of a handsome chocolate Labrador called Michael and a beautiful black and white pussy cat called Fern.
Her favourite weekend activity is spending the day swimming with Michael at the local dog beach.

Matthew Noakes 
Matthew joined our Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital team the beginning of January in 2016. Matthew completed his certificate IV in Veterinary nursing in 2015 following the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree and a Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Wollongong. Matthew wishes to further his knowledge in veterinary medicine as he aspires to become a successful veterinarian one day in the future. 
The next time you are visiting the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital team, make sure to say G'day, as Matthew is always up for a chat and always tries to go the extra mile to assist anyone who needs a helping hand.
Matthew owns one very energetic cat called Molly going on 12 and is still always finding ways of getting into some sort of mischief.
Sophie Morgan-Smith 
Sophie grew up in Thirroul on the South Coast. She achieved her Certificate 4 nurse in 2015 and joined the Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital team in 2016. Sophie has been an instructor at Dark’s Forest riding ranch for 5 years. Her most enjoyable times are horse riding, bush walks, the beach, travelling and hanging out with her fur children, Diezel the Border Collie, Mintie the Shitsu X, Harry the Moodle and Simba the Burmese. 
Sophie enjoys all aspects of pet nursing, but her favourite is surgery in the operating theatre and assisting with dentistry.
Luke Pomfret 
Luke was born and raised in England and moved here 7 years ago.
He achieved his Certificate 4 in vet nursing at Ultimo TAFE in 2015.
Luke volunteers for WIRES, and has rescued a variety of Australian wildlife.
He has a keen an interest in exotic animals, especially birds and reptiles.
As well as three healthy dogs he also looks after a number of pet birds and reptiles.

Katrina Morel
Katrina goes by Kat as cats are her absolute favourite animal. She has a contagious positive personality that brightens any room. Kat loves nothing more than seeing that both pets and owners are healthy and happy. She is extremely personable and always happy to have a conversation. Kat loves the constant learning opportunities available to her in pet health care.

Joanne May
Joanne May is one of the longest serving nurses at the KVH. Joanne was awarded a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in 1999 by the Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand. She then perfected her veterinary nursing skills at the University of Sydney Veterinary Hospital where she gained invaluable experience in the fields of general anaesthesia, surgery, intensive care and pharmacology. She assisted in the training of veterinary students in aseptic techniques, induction and monitoring of anaesthesia, fluid therapy and the use of anaesthetic machines. Her new addition is a handsome little boy.

Lisa Papworth
Lisa Papworth is a local girl who attended St Patrick’s College Sutherland and then in 1999 qualified as a veterinary nurse with extensive experience in the care of family pets. Her travels overseas have further enhanced these skills as well as providing her with new challenges. Lisa joined our team in 2004 and her skills and commitment to the care of family pets, has been appreciated very much. She has a handsome little boy.
Fred the frogmouth arrived at our hospital in 1983 after he was injured in a road accident and has stayed with us ever since. Fred has an owl-like appearance although he is not closely related to owls. He has a large, sharply hooked beak and a tuft of bristle-like feathers surrounding his nostrils at the base of his beak. His plumage is a mottled grey with streaks of white, black and tawny brown. This makes excellent camouflage.  Fred is most active at night and during the day sits very still on a horizontal, sheltered branch.  Fred is extremely quiet when he flies and this helps him to swoop undetected on his prey. In the wild, Frogmouth owls live approximately 8-12 years. At the moment Fred is at least 35 years old.